Kosovo: Energy tenders in the hands of LDK

Prishtinë, 6 April 2007 – In the Tendering Committee for energy projects many substantial changes were made regarding the proportional voting, the Kosovar daily Koha Ditore reports. This happened as a consequence of transfer of the AAK majority voters to LDK.

A document held by the paper stresses that for the second time, since the last year, changes were proposed in the Law for Energy. The reduction of the international presence is very visible, from 40% down to only 10% of the committee members, whereas in the meantime the number of LDK members increased from 10% last year to 60% with the last proposal.

In August 2006, 50% of the committee was composed of AAK members, 40% were representatives from international community, and 10% from LDK. Minister of Energy and Mines, Ethem Ceku was the chairman of this committee and had the right of two votes, other members were the SRSG and his Deputy, Kosovo PM, Minister of Economy and Finances, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Head of ERO, which was an international, and the president of the Committee for Mines and Minerals.

In the meeting of the ERO representatives on 27 February 2007 the entire structure of voting members was changed. Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Haziri was appointed top of this committee, followed by the Deputy SRSG, three members of AAK, Minister of Energy and Mines, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning and the chairman of Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals. Four members from LDK were proposed, except the deputy PM, Minister of Economy and Finances, one member from the President’s Office, Head of ERO, which now is Ali Hamiti and one member from Parliamentarian Committee for budget and finances.

The largest opposition party PDK reacted by saying that this Committee should consist of professional members, not of politicians. This is not the first time that official from political parties are appointed to key positions in sensitive issues. Weeks ago, the Government approved a list of names for board members in publicly owned enterprises. The majority of them are members from the coalition parties, LDK and AAK. (Source: Koha Ditore)