Kosovo elected new President

Prishtinë, Feb10 2006 – The Parliament of Kosovo with majority of votes have elected Fatmir Sejdiu for the post of the President of the country, replacing thus the late President Ibrahim Rugova who died on January 21 of lung cancer.

There were three rounds of votes, as Sejdiu did not get the two/third of votes in the first two rounds. However, in the third voting round he won 80 votes, although he needed only 61.

Thanking the MPs for their trust, the newly elected President Fatmir Sejdiu pledged that he will be committed to represent the unity of people and to guarantee democratic functioning of institutions. He stressed that he will be committed to the status talks and will follow Rugova’s path.

He also called on the citizens, in particular Serbs to cooperate for building a democratic and multiethnic Kosovo, emphasizing that Kosovo will be home for all its citizens.

ECIKS / KosovaLive