Kosovo does not want the €30 million of Serbia

Prishtinë, Oct 11, 2006 – Kosovo officials did not welcome the €30 million the Government of Serbia announced they would invest in Kosovo.

The Minister of Economy and Finance of Kosovo, Haki Shatri, said that such investment is unacceptable. He also said the Government of Kosovo was never contacted by the Serbian Government regarding such investment. “Maybe they have only contacted somebody in North Mitrovica” said Shatri.

Shatri emphasized that the Government of Kosovo is ready to support any investment, including investment by the Serbs, but not investments by the Government of Serbia.
Also Slavisa Petkovic, Minister of Returns and Communities, said investors that do not respect the Government of Kosovo are not welcome.

“Any investments in Kosovo, in particular that coming from Serbia, should be implemented only through the Government of Kosovo and in no other way,” said Petkovic, who represents the Serbian minority in the Government of Kosovo.