Kosovo: Dobruna outlines main objectives

Prishtinë, Apr 19, 2006 – Pranvera Dobruna-Kryeziu, KEK’s Deputy Managing Director, said at the weekly EU Pillar press conference that her main goal is improved electrical supply.

Yet she was not able to assure the people of Kosovo that they will not need generators by the end of the year. The plan presented by her in a press conference is totally different from the one that is being applied by the current international management, the Irish company ESBI, KTV reports. Dobruna considers that a better energy supply is the main priority while ESBI management considers the cash collection increase to be the priority, because here they have their own percentage.

Meanwhile, RTK reports that other priorities for Dobruna are the complete preparation of the energetic system for 2006-2007 as well as the increase of cash collection and decrease of losses. Dobruna aims to target corruption in KEK via the creation of a call centre where the citizens can disclose cases of corruption.

Dobruna prioritises coal production over debt collection, RTK reports. According to Dobruna, new amounts of coal in the Hade mine should be provided by 1 August. KEK has asked for KFOR assistance with excavation

In her first public appearance since she was appointed to the job, Dobruna said that her vision is transformation of KEK into a financially viable company by 2008, and improvement of the supply situation, increased collection and billing, and reduction of losses. Still, she was not able to promise electricity for the next winter. Dobruna stated that: “We are working on how to avoid a crisis.”

Although not mentioning the detailed vision, she has stated that a new crisis has been identified – namely the coal supply to the plants. “We will continue working towards our goal,” said Dobruna.

“The first thing is to make KEK independent from the Kosovo Budget. My vision is clear, KEK must stand in its feet, at least by 2008 and not use the Kosovo Budget for operation and maintenance.”

According to Kosova Sot, the building where the KEK offices are located has forgotten to pay its own electricity bill for months, or it does not have the means to pay it. The newspaper has secured a bill, which shows that this building owes KEK € 5,262.