Kosovo: British Telecomm is waiting

Prishtinë, Nov 29, 2005 – Kosovo Administrator Soren Jessen-Petersen has not conveyed to Post and Telecomm of Kosova [Kosovo] the real reasons why he suspended the strategic partnership between the PTK and British Telecom, Express reports. PTK officials told this Kosovar daily that they have not received anything official.

“The PTK tried to maximally respect the legal procedures, although we have not been informed so far that any procedure was ignored,” said PTK press Officer Rexhep Krasniqi.

The real reasons of this suspension are becoming obvious. The problem started following an email of Ismet Hamiti, an ITU official, sent to Inga Britt Ahlenius, the general undersecretary for internal affairs of the UN Missions (OIOS).

The Special Representative of Secretary General (SRSG), Jessen-Petersen, has not stated which procedures have been ignored.

Meanwhile, a UNMIK Spokesperson said: “The process has been suspended until some procedures are clear. The decision will be made later. There is nothing new about it yet.”

Asked if an email sent to the SRSG could have influenced the decision of SRSG, the Spokesperson said that he has not read it and cannot comment on it. PTK officials did not comment on the email either.