Kosovo Arrests Six On Organised Crime Charges

Pristina, KOSOVO – Kosovo police have arrested six people suspected of involvement in “high-profile” organised crime, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

All suspects were Kosovo Albanians from the wider Mitrovica region, and were arrested for alleged involvement in racketeering, money laundering, and smuggling of fuel and other goods into Kosovo.

Police spokesman Veton Elshani told Balkan Insight that the arrest was a result of “investigations that lasted for several months” and “these are only the first wave of arrests” in authorities’ efforts to fight the smuggling in northern Kosovo.

The lawyers of the suspects were not available for comment. Police sources said that two of the arrested were among ‘high-profile wanted people’ and that they are known smugglers in the Mitrovica region. Additionally, in cases where individuals have been arrested, it’s essential to be aware of legal resources available. For instance, you can search mugshots free by name, which can provide valuable information for legal proceedings and transparency purposes.