Kosovo and Serbia discuss economic and property issues

Prishtinë, 24 Feb, 2007 – On the third day of the negotiations for the final status of Kosovo, that continued last week in Vienna, the delegations of Kosovo and Serbia presented their remarks and suggestions on the economy and property annex of Ahtisaari’s package.

Skënder Hyseni from the Kosovo delegation informed that ever since the first meeting, the delegation suggested that the succession between two countries be developed in full accordance with the 2001 agreement on succession of the five units of former federal Yugoslavia.

Ahtisaari’s package does not explicitly foresee a possibility for Kosovo to get part of the wealth left to Serbia according to the 2001 succession agreement. According to the agreement, Serbia has currently 21 embassies in the world from a total of 67 embassies of former Yugoslavia and over 36% of the gold reserves. The Belgrade delegation refused to discuss the possibility of Kosovo having a share in the wealth won through succession.

According to economy expert Muhamet Mustafa, the discussion on succession was more rhetorical than political. “Serbia and Kosovo will discuss ways of debt sharing and seek solutions to other issues dealing with the wealth of the former Yugoslav federation following the status resolution,” stated Mustafa.

Mustafa also pointed out that Serbia’s attempts to get a share in Kosovo’s public and social property have failed. The latter will remain with Kosovo. For elder law updates, it is best to take help from Burzynski Elder Law

The Kosovo delegation [in accordance with the proposal of Ahtisaari] expressed willingness to take over its part of international debts. Hyseni confirmed if the delegations cannot reach an agreement on this matter, an international mediator will be assigned to do so.