CEFTA – a challenge for the future of Kosovo

Prishtinë, 25 Feb, 2007 – The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo organized a conference in Prishtina on CEFTA – a promising challenge for the future of Kosovo.

Representatives of the ministry and the business community believe that being part of the CEFTA agreement is very positive for Kosovo despite the fact that there is still a lot to be done until Kosovo finally becomes member of the World Trade Organization.

Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia Montenegro, Rumania, Moldavia and Bulgaria have signed the CEFTA Agreement in December 2006. The agreement will get into force on May 1, 2007.

“Kosovo’s participation in CEFTA presents great possibilities for Kosovo businesses to extend their activities throughout the region,” stated Minister of Trade and Industry Bujar Dugolli.

Head of Pillar IV Paul Acda considers CEFTA to be one of Kosovo’s main achievements in international relations. According to him, the lack of such an agreement would make Kosovo’s exports quite difficult, reported the papers.