Kosovo and Macedonia finalized the FTA

Prishtina, June 29, 2005 – The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Kosovo and Macedonia was finalized yesterday and now awaits signing, after the representatives of both countries have harmonized yesterday in Prishtina all positions on reaching this agreement.

After yesterday’s meeting between the local and international authorities of Kosovo and the Skopje delegation in Prishtina, UNMIK Deputy Head Larry Rossin said that the FTA negotiations had been successfully completed.

“In fact, we have finalized the FTA between Kosovo and Macedonia,” Rossin said, adding that the delegations had agreed on all issues.

The Trade and Industry Minister of Kosovo, Bujar Dugolli, said on this issue that this was indeed a good step toward building a good climate between Kosovo and countries in the region. Such agreements are part of Standards and we hope that this will turn into a liberalization agreement.

Kosovar media reported that the free trade agreement has been finalized and that technical issues must be signed by the respective representatives and this should happen after the return of UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen to Kosovo.