Kosovo: Almost 100% of Damaged Houses Repaired

Prishtina, Dec 5, 2004 – The head of Inter-Ministerial Commission Behxhet Brajshori said in the press conference that the program for reconstruction of damaged houses during March riots is in its final phase.

Brajshori said that 807 out 872 damaged houses have been reconstructed or repaired, whereas the rest are under reparation and will be completed soon.

The Government has allocated €11 million only for reconstruction of inhabited houses, whereas for reconstruction of religious sites have been allocated €4.2 million.

Brajshori said that the issue of construction of religious sites is lingering as the Serbs withdraw from the Memorandum of Understanding they had signed with the Ministry of Culture. “The Government would never allow its money to be taken by the others.”

The families will also receive € 2,000 for household equipment.

ECIKS / KosovaLive

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