Kosovo: Alferon may be extended the deadline again

Prishtinë, March 3, 2006 – The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker said today that due to technical difficulties, the deadline for Alferon to sign the contract with Electro-Energetic Corporation of Kosovo (KEK) for power supply for Ferronikeli will be postponed again.

Ruecker made this comment today after the meeting of the Board of Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA). The deadline for Alferon and KEK to sign their contract ends tomorrow. Alferon was extended the deadline five times.

Ruecker, who also is the head of Board of KTA, said that it is clear that KEK and Alferon agree basically with their contract. “KEK and Alferon agree essentially regarding the contract. Although, there are some technical requirements, technical issues, that I don’t believe will be signed tomorrow. There is a chance that we may have to postpone the deadline, but this time it is just a technical postponing,” Ruecker said.

ECIKS / KosovaLive