Kosovo: Brezovica will be privatized through special spin-off

Prishtinë, March 3, 2006 – During their visit to Ski Centre in Brezovica, UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, Joachim Ruecker, and Minister of Trade and Industry, Bujar Dugolli, said the complex of hotels and the Skiing Resort in Brezovica would be privatized through special spin-off, RTK reports.

“I think the Brezovica complex needs urgent investments,” said Ruecker. “A quick economic development is necessary for this complex, which is a beautiful place with much potential for development.”

Meanwhile, Dugolli said: “We informed the municipal representatives and the management of this centre that the privatization in Kosovo has no other alternative. We should carry out a privatization that protects the interests of workers and of all citizens, regardless of their ethnic background.”