Kosovo agencies strengthen border management

In presence of the Kosovo Minister of Economy and Finance, Ahmet Shala, and Minister of Internal Affairs, Zenun Pajaziti, the Kosovar Tax Administration, Police and Customs have signed a trilateral agreement.

“We have achieved our objective to exchange all the information and to closely cooperate in fighting against informal economy and in the benefit of the State of Kosovo. Our aim is to increase the peoples’ self-awareness regarding the legal obligations they have in paying taxes and honoring the law in every aspect of life” Minister Shala said following the signing of the Memorandum.

“All three institutions will work together to collect taxes either at the borders or within them” he further added.

Minister Zenun Pajaziti said that the signing of this memorandum is a normal activity in the spirit of better coordination of these institutions. “This cooperation is in the spirit of the recommendations made by the Progress Report of the European Union and we will continue to work in strengthening the efficiency of Customs in general and integrated border management” added Minister Pajaziti.

On this occasion, the National Center of Border Control was also inaugurated. The Customs Operating Center of the Republic of Kosovo became the National Center of Border Control, which will work jointly with Customs, Police, and Food Agency of Kosovo for practical implementation of Integrated Border Management.

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