KEK debts of €400 million

The consumers’ debts to the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) continue to increase writes Kosovar daily Lajm. The total amount of debt is approximately €400 million, not including the debts of the Serb community. Despite the increase in debt collection, KEK data shows that debts continue to increase.

KEK Spokesperson Viktor Buzhala has said that there has a major increase in debt collection and that out of €155 million that has been billed, €127 million has been collected. “This increase in debt collection began last year, with 18.7 percent, while this year, this figure has risen to 25 percent. This means that over the last ten months, over €127 million has been collected. However, a significant portion still remains uncollected. The amount of the debt created during the first ten months of this year is around €25 million, which represents a drastic fall compared to the same period in past years,” he said.

Buzhala did not give any information on the debt of the Serb community. “I must clarify that KEK does not divide its consumers along ethnic lines. You can also verify this through our vouchers, which do not stress nationality.” Speaking about production, Buzhala stated that during the first nine months of this year 3.7 million megawatts were produced per hour, which means that there has been an increase of about 3.4 million megawatt/hours compared to the last year. “This means that there is an increase, despite the fact that production capacities are the same.” (cc)