Kosovo: 14 companies privatized

Prishtinë, Feb 9, 2006 – The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced on Wednesday through coded names the provisional tender winners for 14 Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs) from the 10th wave of privatization.

The 14 temporary tender winners have offered altogether over 8 million euros.

There were 93 bids for 14 SOEs. The highest offer was over 2 million euro and went for Rahoveci old cellar.

Barnatorja Pharmacy from Ferizaj is in the top of the list who had most interested purchasers. It had 26 offers, followed by Rahoveci old cellar, which had 10.

During the bid opening ceremony, the Head of UNMIK Pillar IV and the Head of KTA Board Joachim Ruecker said that a great progress has been marked in the process of privatization.

“KTA has tendered some 200 SOEs and we are proceeding them. From the sold enterprises we have signed 80 contracts. In the future this process will move with an accelerated pace,” he said.

ECIKS / KosovaLive