Information Technology, a good sector to invest in

The new IT (Information Technology) sector in Kosovo has grown in the last 2-3 years. The great demand that developed countries have for services in this field has been successfully supplied by countries in the region. Kosovo can do this as well, say experts.

In this regard, Kujtim Dobruna of ECIKS says that, “potentials in the field of Information Technology are great, largely due to the young population, so we have proposed the Government of Kosovo to give this sector a special importance.” More concretely, Dobruna emphasized call centers and the development of software as the key services to invest in. Of 18 projects carried out by ECIKS thus far, 3 have been in the sector of IT. These projects have at the same time created the greatest number of jobs, which shows that proper investment in this field can reduce unemployment among young people as well as improve technology in general.

The expert of IT, Besmir Abdixhiku, said that worldwide there is a great shortage of engineers in this field. “Global trends have shown that there is a wide range of global companies that offer services by outsourcing the work to countries with cheaper labor but with considerable professional development, so regional countries have taken advantage of this thereby increasing the export of knowledge in IT,” said Abdixhiku.