Half of Vërmicë-Merdarë highway to be completed in October

Construction of the highway Vërmicë-Merdarë has already started and half of it, which is approximately near the town of Theranda, is expected to be ready by October this year. The director of the project from the constructing company Bechtel & Enka said that, “Currently there are 1,500 workers involved and this number will double. According to our work schedule, we have planned the highway to be available for use from Vermica to Theranda in the month of October this year.”

The Vërmicë-Merdarë highway connects Kosovo with the north of Albania and south of Serbia and is expected to serve as a transit road for the quick movement of goods and people. This project is estimated to cost around 700 million euro.

In addition to this expenditure, the Government of Kosovo is expected to start the construction of highway to Macedonia as part of a bundle of projects which aim the improvement of infrastructure and the business climate in the country.