“Government will have stocks in Kosovo C and Sibovc mine”

Prishtinë, Oct 16, 2006 – “Despite the investments that will be done by selected companies, I can now confirm that the Kosovo Government will have stocks in the power plant Kosovo C and the Sibovc mine”, said Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem Çeku during an interview given to Kosovo daily Zëri.

“The private investors will have the biggest part of the shares. However, the executive body will have its share in these mega projects as it has invested considerable amounts of means.”

Czech interested in investing in Kosovo

According to Zeri the Czech company CEZ is ready to participate in the tender for the construction of Kosovo C and the Sibovc mine.

“We have been interested in the region of south-eastern Europe for a long time now as we have already invested in Bulgaria and Rumania. Hence, our interest in Kosovo is quite logical,” stated Head of CEZ investments Vladimir Shmalc for the Czech newspaper “Mlada Fronta Dnes”, reported Zeri.

According to Lajm, Shmalc said financing would not be a problem, as they plan to pay back the loan with the profit they expect to make in Kosovo.

CEZ has not yet decided on the amount to invest, however, experts estimate that some €3.5 billion are necessary.