Government promises transparency to potential Telecom (PTK) investors

The second conference aiming to present investment opportunities in the telecom field in Kosovo through the purchase of shares of Post and Telecom of Kosovo was held in Istanbul today.

This conference is the second in a row, after a successful conference of a similar character which was held in London last week.

In the conference, investment opportunities in Kosovo were presented, as well as the favorable fiscal environment, market potential and the company profile.

The conference was chaired by the Head of the Governmental Commission for the privatization of PTK, Minister Besim Beqaj. In his address to the participants at the Conference, Beqaj ensured all potential investors that in this process the highest international standards will be followed and the entire process will be based on three main premises: transparency, equal treatment of investors and competition.
Beqaj also pointed out that Kosovo is following all the steps needed to fully align its legislative infrastructure with that of the EU in the telecom field in order to increase private investment, thus providing better communication fees and quality to the citizens of Kosovo.

He said that in the number of subscribers as well as the quality of services, PTK is the leading company in the sector of fixed and mobile telephony in Kosovo. However, the additional value of PTK is based on its potential for expansion.

Potential investors were also presented with a general profile of the company and general features of the telecom market in Kosovo from the regulatory aspect.

Also participating in the conference, was the Transaction Advisor, Lazard Freres, who explained that the bidding procedure in this process will be based on international standards.

Potential investors participating in the conference have estimated that PTK is quite attractive for companies who want to extend their investments and that Kosovo’s telecom market offers good opportunities for further development.
The conference was characterized by broad participation of investors from around the world.