Government: Brayshaw to return funds allocated to KEK

Prishtina, 7 June 2004 – The Kosovo Government has asked UNMIK deputy-chief Charles Brayshaw to act to return the 27 million euros, which he had allocated for the Kosovo Power Corporation at last week’s meeting of the Economic and Fiscal Council. Kosovar media report that the arbitrarily allocated money caused arguments between the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Mimoza Kusari, spokeswoman for the Kosovo Government, confirmed that there were certain disagreements between Prime Minister Rexhepi and Economy Minister Ali Sadriu; but in the end an agreement was reached that Brayshaw should annul the decision to allocate 27 million euros to KEK, and finance other projects instead.

Kusari also said that it is the government’s request for the surplus to be allocated based on priorities and decisions of the Kosovo Government. Kusari has confirmed that the Government of Kosovo has looked into some options if Brayshaw doesn’t withdraw 27 million Euros given to KEK. ‘For now it remains to be seen what the reaction of the PDSRSG will be’ said Kusari.