Government against, Trade Union for Lambsdorff’s proposals

Monday, 21 June 2004 – While the Head of Trade Unions Bahri Shabani agrees with three proposals that the head of Pillar IV Nikolaus Lambsdorff brought from New York, the MTI Minister and the representative of the government Ali Jakupi doesn’t want to hurry, Koha Ditore reports.

These two local members of the KTA Board after receiving new proposals in writing, and after reviewing them, gave different opinions, while Mimoza Kusari said that their office received no material that would explain new operational policies.

“New policies are similar with the old ones, however they are better,” said Bahri Shabani. On the other hand Ali Jakupi thinks that they should be analyzed. “It wouldn’t be right if we just jump into privatization, these policies should be reviewed by local and international experts and then decided” said Ali Jakupi. According to him these new changes would complicate privatization process. “We received a material that contains old polices with one attachment, that complicates the material.

According to Bahri Shabani, Government is making immature professional and political statements.

“If Government makes a statement that privatization must not continue with these new changes, they should propose alternatives” said Shabani.

However the Government will take a decision regarding these polices, even though Lambsdorff on the other hand is insisting to resume privatization as soon as possible.