Germany to provide EUR 125 million for waste projects in Albania


The Albanian Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku and the German Ambassador in Albania, Peter Zingraf have signed three cooperation agreements set to provide EUR124,9 million in loans and grants for supporting sustainable development in Albania. The loans and grants will be given for revamping the Fierza hydro plant, waste management projects and regional development. 

The first agreement entails supporting Albania to implement a solid waste master plan which aims to establish a climatefriendly and sustainable management of solid waste via infrastructure investments. Via this agreement, the Solid Waste Master Plan is to be implemented in accordance with the EU standards. According to Minister Balluku, the project includes the construction of a landfill in Berat and waste transfer centers. The project will receive a 5.9 million EUR grant. 

The second agreement entails revamping one of the country’s largest hydropower plants, Fierza which has a capacity of 500 MW. The agreement aims to increase Fierza‘s HPP production capacity.  

The third agreement is intended to support the investment program for integrated regional development, with focus on infrastructure, in order to support areas with tourism potential that can help the country’s economic development.  


Photo by Unspash