Fuel tanks enter Kosovo

Han i Elezit, 26 April 2007 – The fuel tanks that had been blocked for over a week at the border checkpoint of Hani I Elezit have been permitted to enter the territory of Kosovo.

During a press conference held yesterday, Minister Dugolli informed that the legal right is on the side of the Ministry, however, the fuel tanks will be permitted to enter Kosovo due to security reasons. At this point, Minister Dugolli said since a delegation of UN ambassadors are about to visit Kosovo, the ministry wishes to avoid any potential disasters. It was reported that the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia had requested Kosovo institutions to permit entry of fuel tanks due to security reasons.

Minister Dugolli informed that the decision was made following consultations with representatives of UNMIK Legal Office, SRSG, UNMIK Pillar IV and Kosovo Prime Minister.

According to Minister Dugolli, the citizens of Kosovo will be notified which companies have purchased fuel of unsatisfactory quality in Kosovo and they will be able to refrain from purchasing it.