Kosovo: Summit for Businesses and Investment

Prishtina, 26 April 2007 – A Summit for Business and Investment Promotion open yesterday in Pristina. SRSG Joachim Ruecker and Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku both said that in comparison with countries of the region, Kosovo has an advantage for foreign investments. Therefore, local and international investment in various economic sectors will not only be of benefit for Kosovo, but for investing companies as well.

“We must have a strategic plan for economic development over the next five years. We cannot make mistakes. We have passed the phase of reconstruction, transition and now we are close to the final status resolution,” stated Prime Minister Ceku.

According to SRSG Ruecker, the most preferred fields of investments would be mining, energy and agriculture, which all have great potential.

Kosovo authorities presented Kosovo’s resources to 50 international companies. “We are working to alleviate matters for foreign investors with the purpose of bringing forth investment projects that generate jobs,” stated Minister of Trade and Industry, Bujar Dugolli.

“It is evident that where there is potential, there will be international companies investing as it was the case with Ferronikeli, the Brewery and several other big companies that present potential for regional competition,” stated KTA deputy director Ahmet Shala.