Exports to Serbia without problems

Various companies from Kosovo are exporting and importing goods with Serbia and European Union countries without any problems. This was made possible by the Kosovo-Serbia agreement on the recognition of Kosovo custom stamps.

Since September 16, when the Kosovo government abolished the reciprocity measures against Serbian products, Kosovar companies have imported products from Serbia, and have also used the territory of this state for transport of goods from and to European Union countries. A representative of one of the companies stated that the agreement on recognition of the customs stamp is being implemented without problems.
Since 2008, due to the change of custom stamps from UNMIK to those of the Republic of Kosovo, Serbia has blocked Kosovo’s products. Goods with the new stamp were not allowed to pass in the Serbian territory.

On July 20, the Kosovo Government decided to apply reciprocity measures against Serbian products, an action that has resulted in an agreement with Serbia on September 16.

ECIKS / Telegrafi