EU opens path for Kosovo’s integration

The Kosovar daily Zëri reports that the European Commission has welcomed the steps of the institutions of Kosovo toward creating a multi-ethnic society and has opened the doors to the newest state on the continent for integration into the European family. Through a document published yesterday in Brussels by EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, Brussels has reconfirmed the European perspective for the Western Balkans after each country undergoes the required reforms.

The paper notes that the document, which is the first one published by the European Commission after the declaration of Kosovo’s independence, presents Kosovo as a special entity and removes every connection between Kosovo and Serbia.

“The European Union remains committed to support the political and economic development of Kosovo. Kosovo, same as the rest of the Western Balkans, has a clear and concrete European perspective. In order to achieve this, the European Commission will use the necessary tools and in particular those that promote democratic reforms, good neighborhood relations and economic developments,” the European Commision said in the document, which was adopted yesterday.