ECIKS to implement Investment Promotion Project for Kosovo

Vienna, 7 November 2006 – The Economic Initiative for Kosova – ECIKS will represent the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo – IPAK in German Speaking Countries. The Project is financed by Austrian Development Agency – ADA, implemented by ECIKS and supported by Kosovar Ministry for Trade and Industry. The opening ceremony of the Branch Office of IPAK in Vienna was attended by the Kosovar Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Bujar Dugolli, ADA representative Dr. Hubert Neuwirth, Chief Executive Officer of IPAK Mr. Ejup Fejza, the President of Kosovar Chamber of Commerce Mr. Besim Beqaj, the representative of Kosovo Trust Agency Mr. Ilir Salihu, the ambassador of Albania in Vienna Mr. Valter Ibrahimi and many other representatives of Kosovar and Austrian Institutions.

In his opening remarks, the Project Manager and President of ECIKS Mr. Kujtim Dobruna said that current problems of Kosovar economy require new initiatives, creativity and urgent response. ECIKS will therefore adopt a proactive approach during the implementation of this project by “knocking” on the doors of potential investors, informing them directly about investment opportunities in our country, about business and legal environment as well as by offering direct assistance to foreign investments in Kosovo, continued Dobruna.

Minister Dugolli, speaking on behalf of the Kosovar Government and Ministry of Trade and Industry, thanked the Austrian Government and in particular the Austrian Development Agency whose funding has made the opening of this office possible. Minister Dugolli concluded that Kosovo’s potential is not yet fully known by foreign investors and that such projects will help to improve Kosovo’s image abroad and bring new investments into Kosovo.

The ADA representative Dr. Hubert Neuwirth, said that funding for this important project is a continuation of Austrian engagement in helping Kosovo’s economy and that investment promotion is the best way to do so.

The project website will soon be available at .