Easyjet hopes to fly Prishtina Airport in 2010

The low cost airline EasyJet has applied for permission to fly to Kosovo’s international airport and intends to start flights between Prishtina and Geneva in June of 2010.

The firm, according to Balkan Insight, also intends to connect Kosovo to other European cities at a later date.

EasyJet has applied to Pristina International Airport, PIA, for the right to run two flights a week between Geneva and Prishtina from June 19 of next year, PIA spokesman Altin Ahmeti confirmed to the the Prishtina daily Express, adding that, “This company will increase competition in the market and will lower prices because of the cheap services it offers.”

According to Balkan Insight, the closest cities to Prishtina, which are currently services by the low cost airline, include Dubrovnik in Croatia and Thessaloniki in Greece.

Balkan Traveller