Diaspora is the largest investment source in Kosovo

The contribution of the Kosovar diaspora in the economic development is very important, was stated in the conference “Attracting Diaspora investments in Kosovo ” organized by the Ministry of Diaspora. In the conference, it was also said that the objective of this ministry will be to identify, encourage and support investments.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari-Lila said that the Business Registration Agency will cooperate with the Ministry of Diaspora in order to open registration centers for businesses in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Turkey. “Nowadays, Kosovar businessmen in the diaspora can notice that the registration of businesses in Kosovo is easier, cheaper and takes less time than in the previous month, the export and import procedures of goods in Kosovo have been significantly reduced, a significant number of construction licenses have been eliminated while significant have been made in the field of contract enforcement “she said.

Among other things, the minister mentioned the agreements for the protection and promotion of investments with several countries where a considerable number of Kosovars live.
In 2010, remittances to Kosovo reached a total of 511.6 million Euros, while 30% of foreign direct investments were made by the Kosovar Diaspora.

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