Croatian businessmen in Kosovo

Prishtina, 13 March 2007 – A delegation of Croatian businessmen led by Croatian Minister of Economy Branko Vukelic visited Kosovo yesterday.

To encourage the delegation to invest in Kosovo, Minister of Trade and Industry Bujar Dugolli informed about Kosovo’s legal framework for foreign investments and pointed out that Kosovo is now part of a joint market for free trade, through the CEFTA agreement.

“We have over 40 Croatian businesses exceeding the value of €70m following the war in Kosovo,” stated Minister Dugolli.

According to SRSG Joachim Ruecker, Kosovo has managed to achieve good results in the economy, in particular in SOE privatization and liberalization of the market.

“Our Government is committed to seek a solution for stability in accordance with European standards. Many of our businessmen visiting are expressing their interest to create new contacts and enter joint work relationships with Kosovo partners,” stated Minister Vukelic.

“The presence of all of these businessmen from Croatia interested in cooperating convinces me that the cooperation will increase to serious joint investments,” stated Head of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Besim Beqaj. The media also reported on further meetings that took place between the two parties concerning joint agreements.

Croatia exports some €30 million of goods into Kosovo. According to a Kosovo businessmen currently working in Croatia, Bedri Selmani, Kosovo producers are not ready to enter the Croatian market, but they can enter joint investments with Croatian businessmen.

During a meeting held with the abovementioned delegation, Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku is quoted to have said that INA former properties will be subject to privatisation. Croatians also expressed their interest in investing in road infrastructure.