CFF begins its financial activity in Kosovo

Crimson Finance Fund has announced that it will officially start its business activity in Kosovo on July 29.

Crimson Finance Fund will initially focus on short term revolving cash flow and financial trade loans for small and medium business establishments.

This institution hopes that through its offer of products and services it will help the growth of businesses to enable them to hire more employees. It will work closely with banks and micro financial institutions of Kosovo to offer support to the sector of small and medium businesses.

“We anticipate that loans and assistance that CFF will offer, will increasingly facilitate the ability of business establishments to develop financially and economically, particularly the small and medium businesses, including women and minority run businesses,” said Peers Brewer, the general manger of CFF.

Brewer is optimistic of the future development of business establishments, anticipating significant growth which will create more jobs and increase the export quota.

“The financial support of Norfund, USAID and the Foreign Ministry of Norwegian Kingdom assertively indicates their continued commitment to assist Kosovo to develop a healthy and competitive economy in the region,” said Brewer.

Crimson Finance Fund is a financial institution, not a banking one, founded by Crimson Capital Corporation and is supported by Norfund, USAID and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. It is already operating in Kosovo’s neighboring countries. Crimson Capital was the cosponsor of the Business and Investment Summit, which was recently organized and hosted in Kosovo where hundreds of international businesses and potential investors participated.

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