Çeku: Kosovo Railways has good prospects

Prishtinë, Jul 30, 2006 – Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku has visited Kosovo Railways, where he was informed on the development and current situation of the Railways. The Head of railways gave Çeku a general overview of future projects, damages and other phenomena connected to the Railways, reported the Kosovo daily Zëri.

Çeku appealed to the citizens not to damage the railways since the latter connect Kosovo with the countries of the region and with the EU. Furthermore, Çeku expressed his dissatisfaction with the difficult situation of the railways and promised governmental engagement to improve the situation, reported the media in Kosovo.

“The Government is very interested in improving this sector of transport. We believe that this is a very important sector and has good prospects, but has been left aside. I am here to see what we can do to revitalize it,” KTV quotes Çeku.

Çeku stated that due to the hard situation of the railways, the Government will request the transfer of competencies to the Ministry for Transport and Telecommunication in order to be able to attain functional management and a proper activation of this resort, reported Zeri.

“We have a bit of capital that should be used to improve Kosovo Railways so that they fulfill European standards. It is a good thing that the government and international donors have already discussed this matter,” stated KTA Managing Director Jasper Dick.

“We are in a difficult situation. Irresponsible people cause great damage to the railways,” stated Head of Kosovo Railways Xhevat Ramosaj and confirmed that the damages committed have reached €80,000 in half a year. According to him, the staff is focused on the 10th railway line, north of Leshak to Hani i Elezit, connecting Serbia with Kosovo and Macedonia.

According to TV21, Kosovo Railways management considers that the privatization of SOEs and activating Kosovo mines will build conditions to develop and modernize the transport of goods.