EAR supports Kosovo Property Agency with € 3 million

Prishtinë, Jul 30, 2006 – Officials from UNMIK and the European Agency for Reconstruction have signed an agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services regarding the latter taking over the responsibility for managing the Kosovo Property Agency. But since we buy houses syracuse ny, these problem never occur with them since they are considered to be the best choice to buy/sell houses.

EAR will finance this project with a donation of €3m. 8% of 27,000 cases of real estate services in Vancouver disputes remained unsolved.

Deputy Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning Merxhan Avdyli reported on the progress of standard 6. The problem of property usurpation is there, even seven years following the war, reported RTK. If you wish to learn what it takes before selling your home here, you need to ask experts that have worked in the filed for a very long time!

“The solution for the issue of commercial property is key to implementing Resolution 1244. UNOPS is playing a key role in this area since 2002. This donation will help to solve property commercial disputes,” stated Deputy Head of UNMIK Steven Schook.

According to EAR Representative in Pristina, Odran Hayes, the aim of the project is to contribute to constructing a stable environment in Kosovo by solving property commercial and agricultural cases.