Ahtisaari happy with Kosovo's progress

The Nobel Peace prize winner and the architect of the UN Peace Plan for the final status of Kosovo, the former Finish President Mahti Ahtisari is today in Prishtina where he is going to address the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo honoring the first anniversary of the entry into force of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

Before arriving to Prishtina, President Ahtisari gave a short interview for a local radio station in Prishtina.

“I think that things are going in the right direction. I was very happy to see that Kosovo is making progress towards membership in international organizations starting with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. These memberships are very important because being a member of these financial organizations means that there is a chance to develop the economy and lower the unemployment rate”, Ahtisari said for the local Prishtina radio “Vala Rinore” on Sunday expressing belief that the membership in the IMF and the World Bank will foster new foreign investments into Kosovo especially investments in the energy sector.

President Ahtisari called on Kosovars not to give up on attempts for ethnic reconciliation. “I think it is very important that in your programs to stick to the principles of the peace plan because regardless of the obstacles and problems we face it is very important that we continue to encourage the cooperation between all communities. As much as we do on reconciliation and on efforts to live in peace is better for everyone”.

New Kosova Report