Agro-processing increases employment in Kosovo

In a meeting between the Ministry of Agriculture and representatives of the Government of Denmark it was concluded that the sector of agro-processing in Kosovo is very important in order to create new jobs in the private sector. The Danish Government plans to invest around 10 million euro in the sector of agriculture in Kosovo during this year.

“Despite direct investments for the improvement of competition, investment in other areas such as agro-processing, infrastructure, the modernisation of farms, and consulting services improve the capacity of farmers and help the transformation of traditional farms into commercial ones,” was said.

Danish officials said that this is a good opportunity for the creation of new jobs. “Key generators for employment are small and medium enterprises because the structure of Kosovar enterprises is such that they usually trade, provide services and produce using rather small capacities.”

European Union only has committed 70 million euro for agriculture and rural development in Kosovo since 1999.

ECIKS / Telegrafi