UNMIK Customs introduces Integrated Customs Tariff of Kosovo – TARIK

Prishtinë, Sept 3, 2005 – UNMIK Customs Service started implementing the Integrated Tariff for Kosovo (TARIK). TARIK, a 1,300-pages-book, is a legally established guideline for everybody involved in import and export into or from Kosovo. “You could say it is the bible for traders and customs”, said Peter Vanderstraeten from the Customs and Fiscal Assistance Office (CAFAO-UNMIK) at a press conference. TARIK was created by UNMIK Customs Service with the help of CAFAO-UNMIK. “It is a big support and contribution of the international community to Kosovo”, said Shaqir Beqiri, Assistant Director Value, Origin and Tariffs.

TARIK includes a ‘Goods Nomenclature’, meaning the codes and descriptions of all different goods. Being integrated in the UNMIK Customs electronic Customs clearance system TIMS, TARIK enables Customs agents as well as importers and exporters to immediately recall, which tariffs and trade requirements are applicable for their particular case. Since the Goods Nomenclature inside TARIK is legally binding, its implementation makes it easier – if necessary – to bring cases to court.

DSRSG Furthermore TARIK comprises a schedule of rates and measures which apply to the importation and exportation of goods, such as requirements for the Statistical Office of Kosovo, customs duties, import and export trade policy measures, preferential rates of duty (FTAs), VAT and Excise rates.

TARIK is based on an international and a European system of customs tariffs, namely on the “Harmonized System of the World Custom Organization” (WCO) and the “Combined Nomenclature” of the European Union. Therefore Kosovo’s Customs Tariff becomes compatible with the European Union and all member states of the World Customs Organization, which is a big advantage for international businesses trading with Kosovo. Also international and internal statistical investigations become easier.

TARIK will become the common point of reference for traders, customs agents, the UNMIK Customs Service and the relevant ministries and so will improve the uniform application of the applicable law on import and export. On regular basis, TARIK will be updated on newly passed regulations and yearly it will be updated in accordance with the newly published Combined Nomenclature of the European Communities.

“In two months we will have TARIK in three languages, English, Albanian and Serbian, which will make it unique in the region”, explained Peter Vanderstraeten.

After a detailed introduction into TARIK and its advantages for Kosovo, Bashkim Arifi, Assistant Director Communication introduced the new license plates for UNMIK Customs vehicles, which had up to the beginning of September license plates starting with UN-F. From now on the white numbers on white ground will start with 092-KS-000. “Already 40-50% of the UNMIK Customs vehicles have the new license plates, today the change will be completed”, said Arifi.