U.S. reaffirms strong support for Kosovo

The Republic of Kosovo leadership met with the United States Vice President Joseph Biden at the White House on Thursday afternoon.

The United States Vice President has hosted a meeting at the White House with President Sejdiu, Prime Minister Thaçi and Foreign Minister Hyseni, where they discussed the current affairs in Kosovo and expressed the continuous support for the newly born nation and strengthening the bilateral relations between the United States and the Republic of Kosovo.

The U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, during the meeting reasserted the Kosovo leadership that the Obama Administration will continue to assist the Republic Kosovo as it develops its democratic institutions, help to build its diplomatic missions to increase the presence in the international arena, lobbying for more recognitions, and financial aid to help Kosovo develop a strong competitive economy in the region.

Also U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has emphasised in a meeting with Kosovo leaders that the new United States administration under President Obama has reaffirmed its full support to the people of the Republic of Kosovo and its democratic development as an independent and sovereign state.

Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton have been one of the strongest advocates for Kosovo independence during their service in the U.S. Senate and before. President Obama has also expressed his strong support for Kosovo independence on his previous statements.