Third mobile phone operator launches in Kosovo

Prishtina, 17 December 2008 – The Dukagjini Telecommunications Group has launched a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Kosovo. D3 Mobile will initially serve around 20000 prepaid users, using the Ipko network. At a press conference, the director of “Dukagjin Telecommunication” Kujtim Gacaferi stated that today a new enterprise “D3 mobile”, a virtual operator of cell phones, has been added to the chain of Dukagjin Corporation.

According to him, this operator will offer similar services with the other operators in Kosovo.

The Regulative Authority has licensed the “D3 mobile” while this operator will use the infrastructure of IPKO to offer the mobile services. Gacaferi announced that the “SIM cards” will have the prefix 043. 20,000 ‘SIM cards’ were launched in the market today and according to Gacaferi the interest of the citizens is already noticed.

The numbers and the credits for D3 “SIM cards” can be bought in 3,000 POS throughout the entire Kosovo. Gacaferi announced that the operator “D3 mobile” will very soon bring new offers and services to the clients.

ECIKS / New Kosova Report