The battle for the second mobile phone operator continues

Prishtina, 28 January 2004 – that according to a senior official in Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), during the second week of February TRA will decide which of the 11 companies, that have applied for the second mobile phone operator, will enter the second round of competition, Koha Ditore reports. In order to qualify for the second round of the tender, one of the conditions that companies must met is the inclusion of a Kosovar partner in their business.

The TRA official further added that at this stage the financial aspect of bids would be reviewed, as well as other segments of importance. ‘If they all meet the conditions, they will all be invited in the tender. There is no limit,’ said the official adding that working groups will be established in order to evaluate the bids.

The paper further writes that the most complicated issue in the final selection of the company is the payment of the license by the wining company. Some candidates for the license of companies say that the condition will not be the amount of money offered but the convincing offer from applicants. On the other hand, the official said, ‘If two companies have the same conditions, but one offers higher amounts than the other, that the highest offer will be selected.’

Referring to sources, Koha Ditore further adds that among the companies that have applied for the tender are: Tele 2 (without Kosovar partners), Kostel (origin unknown), Slovenian Mobitel, Mobikos, American company Western Wireless in association with Kosovar IPKO, Motorola, Turkcel, Elkos Group, Albasel (claims to be associated with Siemens), Mobimak, Allaince Liquide Assets Groups Backbone Communication, and Investcom.