Stability Pact meets in Skopje, Kosovo represented

Skopje, 24 November 2004 – Koha Ditore quotes the Stability Pact coordinator for Kosovo, Besim Beqaj, as saying that in the regional meeting of the Stability Pact held in Skopje from 17 to 19 November, Kosovo was better represented than in previous meetings and that there
has been progress over the last six months.

In the meeting, there were discussions about the objectives of the Pact for the last six months and the six months to come.

“We have had successes, especially in the meeting of the third working group, where Kosovo managed to be represented by UNMIK Police and the KPS. For the first time
we managed to present ourselves in the regional fight against organized crime’.

Kosova Sot and Epoka e Re report that Kosovo is still not directly benefiting from the Pact.