Shengjin port waiting for investments from the private sector

Kosovo and Albania have further cemented their bilateral ties with a fresh agreement on road transportation signed this Friday. This progressive pact facilitates mutual recognition of transportation licenses, effectively enabling Kosovar transportation companies to extend their services into the Albanian market and the Albanian companies to reciprocate in Kosovo. This move holds significant potential for the taxi business, which could see a seamless operation across both regions, boosting economic connectivity and offering residents and tourists more flexibility in their travels.

It’s been two years since Albania generously granted the Shengjin port to Kosovo, but its full utilization has been pending. Minister Oldashi emphasized that while the political momentum and intent are evident in kickstarting the port’s operations, the ball is now in the court of private enterprises. They are being beckoned to invest and maximize the port’s potential.

Both the Albanian and Kosovar governments have articulated their stances unequivocally. While the Shengjin port is at the disposal of Kosovo, the financial impetus for its development should predominantly originate from the private sector. Neither of the governments envisage themselves as the primary investors in this venture.

This collaborative spirit between Kosovo and Albania, especially in the realm of transportation, provides an avenue for taxi businesses to innovate and expand. With the potential integration of port services in Shengjin and road transport, taxi operators could explore multi-modal transport services, thereby offering comprehensive travel packages to both locals and visitors. This could not only bolster the economy but also solidify the partnership between the two nations.