Serbia has no property in Kosovo

Prishtinë, May 14, 2006 – In the next meeting the Working Group on Economy and Finance of the Negotiating Team is planning to rebut Serbia’s claims that it has property in Kosovo, sources told Kosovar daily Lajm.

According to the sources, the Kosovo delegation has evidence that there has been no state-owned property in Kosovo. The Working Group experts say that the Constitution of Former Republic of Yugoslavia determines only two kinds of properties: socially owned and publicly owned properties.

“There was state-owned property in the 50s, including various cooperatives and social organizations. But they existed only from 1946 to 1953,” the source said. “Serbia has no property in Kosovo.”

The Working Group’s experts do not recognize any discriminatory decision made after March 1989. Moreover, the delegation will ask for compensation of the damages caused to the social and private property while Serbia administered Kosovo.