Protection of employees during COVID-19 pandemics

In pandemic circumstances caused by COVID-19, protecting the health of employees should prevail over other business goals. Enterprises must be able to design adequate policies to protect employees, which are based on the guidelines of relevant health institutions. Here are some of the issues that need to be addressed in employee protection policies:


    • Design work policies and procedures in accordance with the guidelines of health institutions
    • Adapt the work schedule and consider part-time work
    • Apply flexible management and stay alert to changes in the environment


    • Select new communication channels
    • Identify and build lines of communication with responsible persons in health institutions
    • Provide employees with written documents and instructions for protection against pandemics
    • Keep employees and their families informed of any changes published by relevant institutions


    • Provide opportunities to work from home along with the necessary infrastructure
    • Develop short and clear guidelines for working from home
    • Provide protective equipment for employees who have contact with customers

Work environment

    • Identify and reduce the risk factors for the spread of the virus
    • Disinfect all business spaces, especially shared ones
    • Encourage personal hygiene and social distancing

Health institutions

    • Create sustainable contacts and seek guidance for different situations
    • Together with the health institutions, design the risk assessment for your enterprise, with special emphasis on the health of employees
    • In case of escalation of the situation, request the testing of the employees and their eventual quarantine.