The project contributed to poverty reduction in Kosovo by stimulating economic growth and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The specific objective was to help the main beneficiary (Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo – IPAK) with capacity development in order to promote foreign direct investments (FDI) and job creation. The project delivered results in two main directions: First, the project supported MTI/IPAK through capacity development in its transformation towards a modern, progressive and pro-active investment promotion agency by providing support in drafting and implementing a national FDI strategy, Creating a Client Relationship Management System, developing an online database of investment locations and local projects in Kosovo, training IPAK staff on promotional activities, establishing guidelines for internal management and enabling IPAK to provide its policy advocacy role. Second, the awareness and interest of investors from German speaking countries (GSC) for Kosovo has been raised through promotional activities and investment projects have been facilitated through provision of consultancy services and support to foreign investors. In particular, the project contacted and informed potential investors from GSC about general and specific investment opportunities in Kosovo, generated site visits to Kosovo, provided potential foreign investors with a range of consulting and support services, compiled, published and annually updated relevant promotional materials, published news in German and English, regularly updated the IPAK Vienna website, organized/co-organized promotional events in GSC and beyond, and published monthly newsletters.