MEF: Kosovo with a balanced budget within three years

Prishtinë, May 03, 2006 – Zeri, as well as other dailies carried a report various MEF officials made to the Kosovo Assembly Committee for Budget and Finances regarding Kosovo’s Budget for the year of 2005.

“We are dealing with a stable increase, which is in accordance with the level and trend of the economic development in Kosovo. It is not a great increase, but a sustainable one that leads us to believe that the expenditure structure will change for the better,” stated Minister of Finance and Economy Haki Shatri.

According to the Treasury Department Annalist Nysret Koca, a light increase of expenditure (4.5%) was noted during 2005 and the main categories that brought the greatest expenditures were Tax Administration and Customs expenditures. During 2005, Tax Administration expenditures have increased for 2.7%, thus pointing out an increase of 13.3% from the previous year.

Although he considers the MEF report for 2005 as being better prepared than previous reports, a member of the Kosovo Assembly Committee for Budget and Finances Naser Osmani pointed out the report’s lack of unfinished obligations toward the Kosovo Tax Administration.

Kosovo’s Budget, which consists of cash collection from Kosovo taxpayers and from border taxes, is expected to reach the amount of € 656 million in 2006, reported Zeri.