Marie Fucci is not the only obstacle to privatization

Prishtina, 27 April 2004 – Musa Limani, professor at the Economic Faculty in Prishtina told “Bota Sot” that ‘Marie Fucci’s dismissal is a very positive step taken by chief administrator Holkeri which shows that he is ready to move privatization forward. However, Fucci is not the only problem for the privatization process, though her attempts to change the operational polices presented the main problem.’

According to Limani, the responsibility for stagnations in the privatization process does not fall only on Marie Fucci, but also on the Government, the KTA and most of all on Pillar IV of UNMIK.

On the same issue, “Pavarësia” writes that the Government’s demands to dismiss one person was not the solution for the privatization process. ‘Fucci is not leaving, and even if she goes, no one can guarantee to the Government that the person replacing her will not act the same. What after that? Privatisation would remain blocked for another six months and the Government would become annoying with their request to dismiss the new individual,’ claims the paper.

‘UNMIK can bring anyone they want to the positions of KTA manager because the decision has to be adopted by the KTA Board, and the main voice there is that of Lambsdorff and the international staff. None of the local institutions has voted in favour of Fucci, however she was blessed by the Board and stayed in that position for several months. The time has come for the government to be more decisive in its requests and become the main factor in decision-making processes vital to the citizens,’ concludes “Pavarësia”.