Many foreign investors in Kosovo investment summit

Prishtina, KOSOVO – The Kosovo Business and Investment Summit, which was organised in Prishtina on 25 and 26 June 2008, has gathered many potential investors and companies from Germany, Turkey, Italy, USA, etc.

Co-organisers of the summit, the Kosovo Minister of Economy and Finances, Mr. Ahmet Shala and the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Lutfi Zharku invited foreign companies to use the opportunities and invest in Kosovo. Mr. Shala assured that the Kosovar Government is working hard to remove obstacles for investors, such as energy issues. He said that the entire region is facing problems with energy supply, but promised to substantially improve the situation with energy supply by the end of this summer.

The interest of foreign investors for Kosovo is increasing after Kosovo declared its independence on February 2008 and was recognised by leading world economies.