Kosovo: UN agrees on joint UNMIK-PISG office in Brussels

Prishtinë, May 25, 2006 – During a meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku, SRSG Soren Jessen-Petersen said that the UN had agreed with Ceku’s proposal regarding a joint UNMIK-PISG office based in Brussels. SRSG Jessen-Petersen also discussed with Çeku the meetings he held with high-level officials in Washington and New York – TVs and newspapers report.

“The establishment of a liaison office is very important at a time when the PISG will present the action plan on European partnership,” said Jessen-Petersen.

“Javier Solana supported the proposal and following discussions in New York, I can say that, in principle, the United Nations have agreed and we will now review the details.”

For Çeku, the establishment of such an office will facilitate Kosovo’s integration in the EU and NATO. “This office is a necessity and its establishment will happen in the near future,” said Çeku.