Kosovo to Build Wind Farms

Prishtina, KOSOVo – Kosovo’s Ministry of Energy and Mines said it has approved the plan of a private investor to set a wind turbine farm with a total capacity of 3.5 Megawatts.

“The instalment of wind turbines has grown greatly, especially in developed countries,” ministry advisor Faik Nahu said for daily Kosova Sot. “These are mainly private initiatives, and the ministry of Energy and Minerals has given support to these private investor requests.”

Rich in mineral deposits but with its energy infrastructure damaged during the 1998-99 conflict with Serb forces, Kosovo suffers frequent power blackouts and partly relies on petrol generators.

The newly independent nation is also hoping for an increase in foreign investments in order to stimulate a weak economy dependent on remittances and plagued by unemployment. Renewable energy projects would tackle both issues.

“Kosovo has the potential for solar energy, which will be implemented in the future,” Nahu said.

By 2010, the ministry envisions 32.56 Gigawatt Hours of wind power to be consumed per year, increasing to 309 GWh by 2016.

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