Kosovo: millions invested through privatization

Prishtina, 6 February 2007 – KTA Spokesperson, Ekrem Tahiri, said that all enterprises privatized with special spin-off are working successfully. Some of the most successful ones are 1 Maji in Mitrovica, Trofta, Silkapor, Eurometali, Hoteli Luboten in Ferizaj, etc.

“The commitments on investments in special spin-offs are around €121 million, not counting the last enterprises privatized with special spin-off. Around €200 million are invested in SOEs privatized with regular spin-off,” said Tahiri.

According to KTA, out of 500 SOEs (socially owned enterprises) there are still 200 left to be privatized. “We consider that there will be around 4-5 waves more for special spin-off. The NewCos will be privatized through liquidation,” said Tahiri.